Welcome Aboard the Thunder Mountain Line
Idaho's only Scenic Train Ride

EXECUTIVE CLASS FARE Executive Class Car Riding in our Luxury Parlor
Car allows our guests to
enjoy an unforgettable
experience on the rails.
This car will feature lounge
style booths including a
private bar and access to
a private open air car.
Additional services include
champagne toast and
snacks during the trip.
Adults (16+)
Ride in First Class style in
comfortable padded booths
while taking in the scenic
journey. This car features a
private bar, private car

Adults (13+)
Standard class tickets have
open access seating in our
air conditioned table car,
bar car, coach car, open air
car and covered open air
car. Snacks and drinks will
be available for purchase.

All Ages
2015 Events Horseshoe Bend to Banks
Route and Event
Event Date Description
May - Oct An evening of mystery and intrigue as you try to solve this suspenseful mystery.
Oct Ride the train to a haunted forest for this adventure. Dinner will be served
Oct Travel along with a paranormal group with reading of historical stories. Dinner will be served.
Dec A gourmet dinner served in beautifully decorated cars.
Dec Enjoy a leisurely train ride decorated in holiday decor while sipping on hot apple cider.
2015 Events Horseshoe Bend to Montour
Route and Event
Date Description
Oct Travel to a pumpkin patch with children activities.
Dec A spaghetti dinner will be served while guests get a meet and greet with the jolly one.
Dec Travel with Santa Clause to Santa's Village for pictures and activities.
Horseshoe Bend Miner's Express does not include mining rough
Infants 2 and under will not be served meal unless requested during reservation
Seniors (60+) Child (3-12) Infant (0-2)
All fares before tax and processing fee.
Schedule and rates subject to change without notice