Welcome Aboard the Thunder Mountain Line
Idaho's only Scenic Train Ride
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Riding in our Luxury Parlor Car
allows our guests to enjoy an
unforgettable experience on
the rails. This car will feature
lounge style booths including
a private bar and access to a
private open air car. Additional
services include champagne
toast and snacks during the trip.
Adults 21+
Ride in First Class style in
comfortable padded booths
while taking in the scenic
journey. This car features a
private bar and a private car
Adults 13+
Standard class tickets have
open access seating in our air
conditioned table car, bar car,
coach car, open air car and
covered open air car. Snacks and
drinks will be available for
All Ages
Mon-Fri 10 am -4 pm
Sat 10 am - 3 pm
Sun 10 am -1 pm
Ticket Image Tips Before your Trip  
For Tickets Call: 208-331-1184
Open Friday-Sunday

Tickets will be emailed to you when the reservation is complete. Please arrive and check in the depot 45 minuted prior to departure. Passengers will be allowed to load the train 30 minutes prior to departure. All standard class seating is open seating, but you may upgrade to our First Class Bar Car or Executive Class Parlor Car.

Restrooms are located throughout the train, at the depot and at Banks.

Light food, snacks and refreshements are available for purchase on the train. Additional conessions are available for purchase in our concession car, the Iron Horse Eatery and Gift Shop in Horseshoe Bend. Alcoholic beverages and beer is served on our 2 Bar Cars on the train. Passengers are not allowed to board the train with their own alcoholic beverages or food. Coolers of any kind are not allowed on the train. 

In addition to cash, all major credit cards are accepted

The weather may vary throughout the season so we recommend you wear layers of clothing during the winter months and comfortable clothes during the summer months. The train will operate during all weather conditions and reserves the right to cancel any train rides in extreme situations.

Your trip will have a 30 minute to 1 hour layover in Banks or Montour depending on the theme of the train ride. At Banks we will have outside exhibitions and the Station House will be open for guests to view
local history exhibits. We discourage our guests from wearing sandals and flip flops, but closed toe shoes for protection.

We do not allow any smoking aboard the train or at the Banks Station in order to protect the surrounding Boise National Forest.

The enclosed cars are both air conditioned and heated to provide our guests a comfortable environment in viewing the canyon. Seating is also available on our open air cars, covered and uncovered. We recommend you bring sunscreen, hat or sunglasses if you plan on sitting outside.

We have some limited seating and areas available to accommodate wheel chairs. Please call ahead so we can arrange for you to board the train.

We have car attendants available throughout the train to answer any question and to serve you.