EXECUTIVE CLASS FARE Executive Class Car Riding in our Luxury Parlor
Car allows our guests to
enjoy an unforgettable
experience on the rails.
This car will feature lounge
style booths including a
private bar and access to
a private open air car.
Additional services include
champagne toast and
snacks during the trip.
Adults (16+)
Classes of Service
Ride in First Class style in
comfortable padded booths
while taking in the scenic
journey. This car features a
private bar and aprivate car

Adults (13+)
Standard class tickets have
open access seating in our
air conditioned table car,
bar car, coach car, open air
car and covered open air
car. Snacks and drinks will
be available for purchase.

All Ages
Octoberfest Dinner TrainJoin us for fun and festivity on the Octoberfest Dinner Train. On Oct 9th a Sam Adams Rep will be aboard the train to pair their craft beers with our delicious meal that evening. Each guest will receive a fligt of beer prior to their meal. On Oct 16th we will have a costume party, Steam Punk Zombie Theme, along with a Payette Brewery rep pairing beers with our meal that evening. Each guest will receive a flight of beer prior to their meal. Prizes will ge given to the best costumes. Each train ride is 3.5 hours (round trip) to Banks.
Advanced reservations recommended at 208-331-1184
Oct 9th @ 6:30 pm
Standard Class Fare Executive Class
$Oct 9th
$75 plus tax
Standard Class Fare First Class
Oct 9th
$65 plus tax
First Class Fare Standard Class
Oct 9th
$55 plus tax

Executive Class Fare
Executive Class FareMenuOct 9th - Beef Tenderloin, Salad with Ranch or Vinagrette, Rolls, Red Baby Mashed Potatoes, Fall Vegetables and Pumpkin Pie. Water/Lemonade/Tea.

Executive Class Far
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Classes of Service